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Acentrup is a small boutique consultancy specialising in helping startups and small businesses. With experience in starting and running businesses and charities, VC investment, board and trustee positions, we can help you.

I am Alasdair Kirk, owner. I have 30+ years of experience in IT, coding, systems, processes setting up and running businesses - but above all enabling others to grow their own business.

What we do

Running a business is difficult, you might be good at what you sell - but it is all the extras, planning, process, strategy, how to grow and so much more which separates the successful businesses from the rest. We enable you to take control of all the extras, we help you to build a more solid business.

Business Audit

We look at your business and provide a strategic approach. 30+ years of setting up and running businesses brings a focused view on how you can move forward.

Specific Help

Where you need help for a specific project, or to meet a challenge, we can help you move forward. From advice, to hands-on help, you choose how we work together.

On-going Support

Mentoring, monthly meetings, sporadic involvement or helping in a non-executive role; we can provide the level of support you need.

projects in years, across continents

One Philosophy

At the heart of all we do is the growth of your business. We enable you, we support you, we encourage you and where necessary we do it for you.